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Post-Truth; Word of the Year, 2016

There has been a growing knot within my stomach as of late. I walk into work from the parking deck, across the little Buckhead village of high rises and always look ahead of me into the mirrors that line my work building. These mirrors are tall and always clean, so I can see what or who is behind me on my soul death march. Being hyper aware of my surroundings (who is around me, where are there cars, where is there an exit, etc.) is only because I don’t trust the intentions… continue reading


My Unborn Daughters

I’m sorry but I thought this was America; where women and men are equal and free, where there is a defined separation between church and state. Clearly, the bricks are being laid to contradict what America has stood for. Clearly, this is more concerning than just a four year election cycle… continue reading

A True Trice’s Print 

Down The Barrel

Stretching legs over hills, winded breaths plague me but do not influence my movement enough to make a difference. Something in-between me and it has caught me in a rapture. I can barely feel… Read More

No Surar
Making of Road

The dirt stains my boots a tan gold. Shit – everything is dirt washed tan gold. I gave up getting the tinge out months ago – I think it was months ago. Hard to tell how long I’ve been traveling when I can’t see the sky. Each step is exactly like the other, small bushes on the edge of this path coddling my calves. The dirt is beaten down, compact over so many feet, shoes, horses, wagons, and camels. Some parts are… Read More

The Quirky Escapades of Que Everly, an Effervescent QGenda Engineer

 My short serial feature the mostly awkward young engineer Que, in a new city settling into her new job. What could go wrong? Read all about her adventures here!

and.. some selfies.


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